Welcome to CBS Sport Volleyball. We are a small club in CBS Sport – the last couple of seasons with approximately 40 members, both men and women. Many of our players are exchange students – this means that we have to say goodbye to several players at the end of each season – but luckily we can say hello to many new players when a new season begins.
We have a competition team and a couple of open teams. All teams are mix teams – to join the competition team, you need to be skilled and be able to participate in most practices and tournaments. There are no special requirements for the other teams. Note that players from any team can play in the tournaments – but competitive players are expected to join most of them.

Important: Contact the sports administrator before joining practice – there is a limit on how many players can join a practice session!

Like the other sports in CBS Sport, the club is aimed at students in CBS but open for anyone (both students from other universities and non-students).


See more info here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CBSvolley.Spring2018/?notif_id=1518479406017156&notif_t=group_added_to_group&ref=notif



Practices in the beginning of the semester will be held as open tryouts – if you want to be part of our competition team, please inform our coach in the beginning of a practice session.



Competitive/Intermediate mix team:

Fridays 19-21 in Falkonergårdens Gymnasium, Sønderjyllands Alle 25.

Coach: Andreas Helset


Competitive team:

Tuesdays 21.15-23 in Kedelhallen, Nyelandsvej 75 A.

Coach: Andreas Helset




Thursdays 20.30-22.15 in Frederiksberg Ungdomsskole, Sofus Francks Vænge 32.

Coach: Jam Iqbal



SVBK Mix Tournament:

The competitive teams will have matches the following days (all Sundays): January 28, February 4, March 4, April 8. Cup Semifinal date to be determined.

SVBK Tournaments, Copenhagen

Approximately once a month we participate in the SVBK Tournament in Amager. This is a one-day tournament, held Saturdays from 12 to 20 with 16 to 24 teams of different strength. Each team will get 4 matches – and a rating system ensures that we will meet teams of roughly the same strength. Players from all teams can sign up for the tournaments – the coaches will decide which teams we can send (we typically have 1 or 2 teams at every SVBK tournament, but we can send more if we have 18+ players ready).

One-day mix tournaments in Copenhagen. Played following dates in the season (all Saturdays):
January 27, February 10, March 4, March 24, April 21.



Practice Fee

For two tryout practices:

Free of charge

Fee for one semester:

DKK 250,-

Payment – sign up here.

The membership fee covers all practices plus participation in Danish tournaments. Players in the competitive team also have to buy a player license.

Payment and registration is done after max two practice sessions.