Spring Season 2012 for Football Women

Spring Season 2012

In the spring season 2012, CBS Sport Football Women had about 25 players from both CBS and outside CBS, and both Danish, English, Norwegian and almost German and Swedish as well.

A great season

This season CBS Sport Football Women had both a 7-a-side team and an 11-a-side team, participating in respectively 7MK 1 and Serie 2. With a squad of about 25 players, we found ourselves forced – at the start of the season – to play both 7-a-side and 11-a-side matches, which clearly worn out the squad a bit. But overall it has been a great season – a bit rough with all those matches, but we managed!

With regards to the 7-a-side team it was decided to pull the team, so that there will only be an 11-a-side team for the fall season. The 7-a-side team ended the season with a bit disappointing 7th place out of 9, with only 2 victories, but still with the honor intact. Big thanks to Nanna for putting an effort in the team as team responsible, and fighting for its survival for the past three seasons!

The 11-a-side season has been a bit up and down, and as it looks now, the 6th place out of 11 is enough to promote the team to Serie 1, because of different technicalities (no. 3 and 4 cannot get promoted). As the team has experienced two teams not showing for the match, the hope is that promotion to Serie 1 means that all matches can be played.

The season started more or less before practice had even started. Because of all the rain, the pitches weren’t ready for practice and when the first Cup Match was to be played, the team had only practiced twice. It ended up with a defeat of 2-0 to VLI, but after that match CBS Sport actually almost took up a winning strike and didn’t lose a game (2-1 win against Pioneren, 1-1 draw against Fremad Valby and the important revenge of 4-0 win against VLI) until a month later where both Heimdal, Politiet and FC Nyhavntook the team down. The last two matches of the season ended up as drawn matches against Fremad Amager and FA2000. As mentioned earlier two matches were cancelled (against FB and FC Culpa) which meant 4 victories, 3 drawn and 3 defeats.

Goals scored

With regards to goals scored, CBS Sport Football Women found themselves unable to convert their chances into goals. Despite great play and great chances, the team only scored 11 goals. Further to that, those goals are divided between 8 different players (see below)! So homework for the summer and the main issue that should be dealt with at the first practices in the fall season will be shooting, shooting, shooting and shooting.


Injuries have been and unfortunately always will be an issue for CBS Sport Football Women. Knees, ankles, toes and head injuries have struck the team – But hopefully the summer will heal all of the players’ injuries, so that we are fit for fight and ready to take on the fall season in Serie 1.

Thank you all for a great season, and see you in Fall 2012!

Cecilie Rasmussen
Goalkeeper, Bødekassemester and Soccermom

P.S. Remember that CBS Sport Football Women is looking for someone to coach us at that “shooting, shooting, shooting and shooting”, so if you could be interested or know someone, feel free to apply! Read more here.

Topscorer list


2 Lidegaard
2 Birita
2 Ingrid
1 B
1 Veronika
1 CC
1 Birgitte
1 Knudsen


5 Lidegaard
2 Ingrid
1 Veronika
1 AC
1 Cat
1 Birita
1 Kathrin
1 CC
1 Knudsen