Still want to join CBS Sport in Paris?

We are happy to announce that we have been given the chance to offer even more of you the chance to go to Paris! We have enteres all the team we could into the tournament, and we have been given the chance to fill those teams up if they aren’t already. That means that there is a few spots left for those of you who are fast enough to sign up. The available spots are:

Mens Football: 1

Mens Handball: 1

Womens Handball: 6

Mens Volleyball: 3

Womens Volleyball: 3

Womens Rugby: 2

Besides this you can still sign up as a supporter if you just want to join the trip without playing yourself. If you want to sign up, please write a e-mail to – First come, first served! Last chance to sign up is Sunday, February 7th at 20:00