The party will be held on June 19 at Marskensgade 7, 2100 København Ø (Busses 1A and 15 from Østerport, or 14, 15 and 1A from Svanemøllen station) – it will be on the 2nd floor where we can offer the smokers a terrace, so you don’t have to go downstairs.

The party starts at 6 pm and we’ll party until 3 am, so you can make it home before the birds start singing!

During the party we will of course have our usual awardshow where various sports will announce their “Player of the year”.

To attend this fabulous summer party with your fellow CBS Sporters you need to pay 110 DKK before June 7, 2010 – there are a limited amount of tickets for the party (only about 30 tickets left), so sign up NOW! ->

We can reveal that both handball, basket and football are well represented by now, but we need you from floorball, cricket, rugby, badminton, volleyball and other corners of CBS Sport as well! – so gather your team mates and join in!

Uh, and remember another deadline; 11th of June.. This is when the World Cup starts and the deadline for selecting your team, so you can beat the other people from CBS Sport.. More info here ->