Tårnby FF vs. CBS Sport Football Women – 2-2

Tårnby FF vs. CBS Sport

Sunday April 11th 2010

Result: 2-2 (1-1)

Attending: Eva, Astrid, Tine, AC, Birita, Kimmi, Signe, Line, Laura, Nanna, Lone, Mette, Katrine and Signe B

Woman of the Match: N/A

In first half statistics shows that Eva scored from an assist from Birita.. Our reporter at the scene, hadn’t arrived at this point, so unfortunately, we cannot tell anything more about 1st half..

In second half, the match started to be a bit like Robinson (the tv-show); fewer and fewer CBS-players.. Either because of injuries or because they had obligations somewhere else and had to leave before the end of the match. Quite challenging, for Coach Thomas. Kimmi managed to be on the pitch for about 3 minutes, when she goes for the goal, but gets tackled (yes, tackled!) by the goalie which end up with being an assist to Astrid who scores and as usual enriched us with her acrobatics! Then Kimmi had to go out with an injured knee – but ended up on the pitch again due to the Robinson-effect, and just had the task of being on the pitch. Then it was Laura’s turn to get carried of the pitch with a stupid knee, followed by Nanna who managed to get cramps in BOTH legs, so the something like the last 15 minutes, CBS Sport played with about 9½ players on the pitch.

Throughout the match, the referee seemed like she was afraid of using her whistle and at the end it almost looked like she waited for Tårnby to score, because less than a 1 minute after the reduction, she ended the game.