Teambuilding weekend for the volunteers

Once again the volunteers of CBS Sport were invited to participate in a teambuilding weekend which primary focus was to integrate one of the most important assets of CBS Sport, our volunteers.

The winners of last time’s teambuilding – where we had been competing in different military operations – had done a great job to make sure that we had to use our brain, muscles, coordination, humor, imagination, and several other capabilities on our four hour long expedition in a summer house area north-west of Copenhagen.

We were divided into two teams and each team was accompanied with two from the organizing team who all at once had to act as judges, team players, and “special devices” on Tour de la Ellinge Lyng in helping “Team Tiger” and “Team CBS Sport Nerd” respectively with winning the Teambuilding Cup. The Tigers concentrated mostly on the fun part by taking pictures with many of the completely strangers they met on their way on the beach, on the roads and in the wilderness. The Nerds were more focused on the specific assignments given and their effort as actors in the theater contest as well as their body flexibility in the spider competition gave the Nerds a slight margin and made the organizing committee chose CBS Sport Nerds as winners. However – all of us are of course competitors who want to win – Team Tiger wasn’t pleased about that decision and as Mikkel put it during Saturday evening’s party “If we can’t beat them in Tour de la Ellinge Lyng, then for sure we have to show that we are better at partying”. (way to go!)

We would all like to thank Mikkel, Mette, Darija, Nikolaj, Rasmus and Christopher for making the rest of us have a great weekend and an experience we will remember for a long time. If you want to be a volunteer in CBS Sport and hereby get the chance of being a part of our remarkable and celebrated crew of volunteers, then visit our website under CBS Sport → the board and find out what tasks that could be interesting for you and send a motivated email to Mette at

Written by Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard