The American Dream

How it all started

In 2005 there were a bunch of 16 year old boys running around in a little gymnasium, chasing a little white ball with floorball sticks in their hands.

Nearly 10 years later, the old coach of the Roskilde-team, Frederik “Melbollen” Westerberg, made a seminal descision as he joined CBS Sport Floorball. As the current CBS Sport Floorball team was loosing their breath and eventually decided to “break up” and for most of them, switch to the nearest competitors FF København (FFK) – “Melbollen” got struck by an old dream. Eureka! He shouted, as he thought more about his dream of getting the good old boys from Roskilde together again.

Convincing the boys was no problem, and after a few weeks it was as if they had never parted – here they were again, in a little gymnasium, chasing a little white ball with floorball sticks in their hands.

The tough start

Honor, pride and points were at stake, when the old Roskilde-boys with shaky leads and sweaty palms ran on the pitch for ther first match in front of the two spectators who had heard to rumours of the gathering of the old talents. Three periods of 20 minutes later, FFK could leave the pitch with tiny 4-3 victory. Despite the defeat the mood was high in the dressing room; they’d all seen positive things in match, and as FFK after the match decided to pull their team from the league, it could only be because their fear of the high level that the new CBS Sport team presented.

The match was thoroughly analyzed by the new coach, Casper Vesterskov. It was obvious that the offensive play and possession had to be practiced more, and that the team should continue to exploit the opponents’ defensive errors with lightning fast counter attacks! What Vesterskov didn’t anticipate was that the other teams from Hvidovre Attack, Rødovre, Benløse and Vallensbæk were levels higher than FFK. The next five weeks were a massacre with five defeats: 11-3, 14-1, 12-8, 9-4 and 10-4..

But there was still hope! The boys from CBS Sport had by now more or less learned (remembered) the rules, and there were signs of new running patterns, which the opponents had trouble figuring out. The counter-play worked well and even though the defeats hurt, CBS Sport hadn’t left the pitch without scoring.

Before the match against Copenhagen FC 2 the mood was high. Here was a team, that CBS Sport would be able to play ball with. Copenhagen FC 2 had apparently come to the same conclusion and decided to let CBS Sport win without a match – the first victory! This was the turning point! – and Coach Vesterskov hurried out and bought a tactic board, so they’d be ready for their next match against Vallensbæk Floorball. Even though the first match against Vallensbæk had resulted in a 10-4 defeat, CBS Sport believed in points in this match.

After 40 blazing minutes and the score 7-3 the mood on the team was no good and a quarrel between the great defender Fætter Løg and Coach Vesterskov almost ruined all faith in getting back into the match. The help came from an unexpected corner, as the super-sub Jeppe “J-bomb” Spanggård was put on the pitch and resolute scored two goals, and got CBS Sport back into the race for points! After great fight, the match ended 7-7 and the boys from CBS Sport could go home with a big mental victory.

And now everything went fast. The good result against Vallensbæk was followed up with the team’s first real victory, as Bornholm was sent back with the ferry back to the island with a 5-2 defeat. CBS Sport could let themselves be celebrated by the 30 spectators who had heard the rumour of a great increase in the quality of CBS Sport Floorball’s play.

An odd phone call

In the end of February team owner, Frederik “Melbollen”, received an odd phone call. DaFU (Dansk Floorball Union) had notices CBS Sport’s progession and felt pressured to offer the talented team to play for promotion.

As always, Melbollen was ready for the challenge, and it didn’t take much to persuade Coach Vesterskov and the rest of the team to take up the challenge. Ironical enough the promotion matches were against FFK, who’s second team in the seasons first team had defeated CBS Sport. It was 1st Division’s #8 against 2nd Division’s #8 and there was no doubt of who was the favourite.

The promotion play was divided into two promotion matches, and first match turned out to be a close one. After a tough and intense match, CBS Sport got an unexpected 6-5 victory and the spectators were extatic! CBS Sport was filled with confidence and a will to get a try at Danish Floorball’s second best league.

In the crucial last promotion match, CBS Sport was ready to show who had the stick in the right hand. However the match never got really exciting as CBS Sport could leave the pitch with a secure 8-4 victory after Andreas “Cobra” Mogensens third hat-trick of the season.

An exciting future

Even though the old friends from Roskilde ended the season with a much unexpected promotion, the story is far from over. In 1st Division awaits even stronger opponents who will do anything to prevent CBS Sport from getting promoted to the Unihoc Liga.

Time will show, how high CBS Sport Floorball can fly!