The Annual General Meeting for 2013

The Annual General Meeting for 2013

The Annual General Meeting for 2013 was held on Thursday the 4th April at Solbjerg Plads.

Leading up to the official part of the meeting, a representative from Danske Bank joined the floor and announced the official continuation of the current sponsorship to CBS Sport. Along with this he encouraged all member of CBS Sport to nominate the wonderful volunteers, who make this club the best club, for the Danske Bank Award, in which CBS Sport could win DKK 15,000 for the club and the winner would get football tickets for Parken etc.

Additionally he did a bit of promotion for the Danske Bank event held on the 13th of May in Danske Bank Aud. at Solbjerg Plads in which representatives from DBU (the Danish Football Association) and FC Copenhagen amongst others will be present. Please come and show your support to our sponsor and help make the event a success!

Chairman’s report

Continuing on to the more formal part of the meeting, the Chairman presented the Chairman’s report for the coming year with a little help from the board. The overall scope was a positive outlook on the future for CBS Sport where ambitions continue to grow for the coming year.

The more lively part of the presentation came with the overview of the financial report which stirred up quite a discussion regarding the utilization of the current surplus on the budget. The arguments for and against a more liberal utilization of the club’s surplus for this coming year where many, and finally it was decided to continue this discussion at a later time. Also the board would like to remind all members that you can always contact your local representative for further enquiries, questions or suggestions.

New and old board members

Finally the meeting was wrapped up by the official vote for the chairman and for the board in which all standing candidates where elected by a show of hands by the participating members. We welcome both new and old board members to the CBS Sports board!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the meeting and to all our members and volunteers for your continued support of CBS Sport. We look forward to yet another successful year for the club!

Read the full summary of the CBS Sport Annual General Meeting here.

The newly elected board members were:



  • Stine Corlin Christensen

Bord members:

  • Sunniva Skare
  • Preben Mortensen
  • Pernille Schrøder
  • Casper Koll



  • Asger Bryderup

The elected Sports Responsible for this year:

  • Badminton: Johann Thomsen
  • Basketball: Nicolas Tullin
  • Floorball: Michael Bjerregaard
  • Football: Jens-Henrik Rosasco Holm Hansen, Joachim Satchwell & Birita Hammershaimb Christiansen
  • Handball: Britt Lorenzen
  • Rugby: Nicolai Nygaard Petersen
  • Skaterhockey: Nicolai Illum Eppers & Christian Tarp
  • Tennis: Marie Wæhler & Camilla Henriksen
  • Volleyball: Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen