The Christmas Miracle in Travbane Hallen.

It was a sad, grey day. The weather was dark and cloudy and the Christmas party with CBS Sport had just ended. 9 girls, though, managed to overcome these difficulties and show up far, far away at Amager.

There were snaps running through our veins and our pulse was twice as high as usual, but when the first wisle blow, we were ready.

Surrounded by Christmas spirit we build up a wall in the defense, and when the attackers eventually found a crack in the wall, our brilliant goalkeeper was ready – despite that we still had to struggle.

The goals didn’t come easily to us, and our nice referee rewarded our Christmas mood with a red card (yellow doesn’t seem to be appropriate in the whole Christmas-theme) and at half time the setting were 11-10 in favor of CBS Sport.

After the break we returned, and being sick of loosing with one goal or playing square, we decided that this time it was our turn to win. The whole team did whatever they could, and in the end the devils from Amager had to admit their loss. CBS Sport Women 2 won 18-14.

Player of the day: Maiken Hansen