The Good Application

The main purpose of the pool is to support sports with funding for extraordinary activities or items that benefits the members of CBS Sport. Funding can be given to one or more sports together, possibly split into male and female teams.

The more members the activity benefits (either in number of members or as percentage of the sport), the better the chance is of an acceptance.

Since it is a Sports Pool, then the Board is more likely to accept the application if it is directly sports-related.

Read more about the Sports Pool here and see examples of previous fundings here.

In order to give the members some inspiration, the Board has made an example of a good application (marked in blue):

Who is applying?

Name: CBS Sport Panther

Sport: All of them


Telephone number: +45 3815 3903

What are you applying for?

– Be concrete


I am applying on behalf of the women’s and men’s handball teams to participate in a tournament at Kristiansand, Norway. We are hoping to rent a bus and drive there.

Why are you applying?

– How will this benefit your sport?

– What is your goal?


We wish to join the tournament for two reasons: 1) We will meet tough competition – something that will make each team a better team, and furthermore the teams will practice to play better together. 2) We will get to know each other better, which is needed because the girls have a lot of new players and the men’s team is a brand new team. Staying overnight and driving there will strengten our teams socially.

Other ideas:

– Teambuilding, team spirit, get to know each other

– Transport for a match or tournament far away

– Other..

How many will get the opportunity to benefit from the activity?

– Who will be invited? (what percentage of the sport; all women’s team, all men’s team, only one team, all)


All of the handball players will be offered to join the tournament. It will then be three women’s team and one men’s team.

How many do you actual estimate will benefit from the activity?

– Who will actually attend the activity? (who has replied to join the activity)


After checking the interest, we will be 18 girls, 9 guys and 4 coaches.


– Be detailed (quantity (price per quantity) and the exact sum you’re applying for)

– Remember that the maximum amount that can be applied for is DKK 150 per participant and DKK 5000 in total.


The tournament cost is DKK 250 per player and the players will pay a fee of DKK 100 each to cover the part that the Sports Pool doesn’t cover. We are also applying for DKK 150 per coach to cover a part of their expenses during the trip.


Expenditures Quantity Price Sum

Tournament cost 27 DKK 150 per person DKK 4050

Coaches expenses 4 DKK 150 per person DKK 600

Amount we’re applying for DKK 4650

Please also remember that..

Funding can only be spend on the agreed items, and cannot be switched from one item to another (if there is more than one in the application)

All costs should be documented by original invoices/receipts which need to be given to CBS Sport. If the costs cannot be documented with an original invoice or receipt, then the applicants personally can be held responsible for the cost.

The Sports Pool does not give funding for food and/or beverages.

After the event a report of the activity will have to be made to the Board of CBS Sport and a story/article for the webpage ( will have to be ready for publishing on the webpage no later than 30 days after the activity ends.

The application or any questions related to the Sports Pool should be directed to Sunniva at