The handball ladies are playing for promotion!

CBS Sport Handball – Finale Game

Date: April 8, 2014 – 09:50
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

CBS Sport Handball Women 1 is facing the tables number one; Team Amager 2 this Sunday on CBS Sport’s home venue!

After 17 matches, CBS Sport is one point behind Team Amager 2 and on paper both teams looks very equal! The two teams met each other in the first match of the season, where CBS Sport got one of their biggest victories (10 goals) – but it is fair to mention that Team Amager 2 has risen after that match; only a few weeks later they took down HIK 2 with 21 goals..

This is why we need as much support as possible! The Panther will be present, the drum will be present, and hopefully a bunch of supporters will come along ready to cheer CBS Sport all the way to victory