The official mascot of CBS Sport

In the beginning of 2010, Copenhagen Business School awarded former President of CBS Sport, Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard with the CBS Student Prize for her engagement in CBS Sport, with the words “Sport activities are important for any university”, said by former President of CBS, Johan Roos.

The CBS Student Prize also contained a cash amount which Karina donated to the club and it was decided to use the money for a human sized mascot costume. Only thing to be decided was, which costume.

A poll was made on the website with five options; a Tiger, a Panther, a Wild Cat, a Bull and a Duck.

941 votes were casted – allegedly also because of numerous campaigns, where CBS Sport members got friends, colleagues and family to vote for their choice.

The votes ended;

  • Tiger = 6%
  • Panther = 42%
  • Wild Cat = 4%
  • Bull = 3%
  • Duck = 45%

Because of the rumour of the campaigns, the Board decided to take the two mascots that got the most votes – the Panther and the Duck – to another round of votes at the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM election

At the AGM the Panther received more than twice as many votes as the Duck – 23 voted for the Panther and 11 voted for the Duck.

The CBS Sport Panther was a reality and a few months later the Panther arrived!

Ever since the Panther has been at several events! Latest he was at the Dodgeball Tournament, but the Panther’s also been at CBS Sport Challenge, at Society Day, at CBS Sport Day, at various matches, at introduction weeks at CBS, at CBS Campus Relay and many more!

You can become friends with the Panther on facebook and see him at many, many events on Campus, at sport venues and many other places – so keep your eyes open.