The Panthers at the European Cup!

European Cup for Men 2015 was played in Givisiez, Switzerland from the 23rd to the 25th of May, and CBS Sport Skaterhockey was there!

We’ve had a chat with team responsible, Michael Bennedsen:

Group A with the two 2014 finalists..

First day at the tournament and you could feel many of the players being both nervous and exited. The goal for the day was clear; Getting 1 point at least. Due to the fact that both teams on the first day were finalist from the year before this goal was ambitious but certainly within reach.

First game came and we were controlling it from the get go. Many penalties to the other team allowed us to play power play and before we knew it the scoreboard said 2-0 in our favor. The Hallamshire Hornets began to pick up the pace and slowly came closer and closer until the equalizing goal with just 4 minutes left. In the end we controlled the game and came very close to a 3-2 goal, but had to accept a draw of 2-2.

In the second match of the day against the defending champions, TV Augsburg, the pace started at a whole other level and that got us a bit on our heels, but we kept a good defense. Unfortunately in the end, the air ran out and they managed to run by us. By the end of the day, everybody was more than satisfied and really felt that we’d done a good job.

Quarter finals within reach

Day 2; the day where it all was on the line for us. Would we reach the Quarters and could we even reach the semi’s?

First game came out horrible even though we actually played a good first half. But the result doesn’t lie and we lost 6-1*. This was a though one and we had to win our last game in order to reach the quarters.

The team we were facing were the Austrian champions and as they hadn’t played spectacular during the tournament, it was a game we HAD to win on different levels.

We did our job beating them and were now through to the quarters!

Unfortunately the opponent in the quarter finals was a familiar one from Day 1; TV Augsburg, the defending champions. On top of that we only had one hour of rest between our last game and the quarterfinal.

TV Augsburg vs. CBS Sport Panthers

First half went beyond expectations and by half time we were tied up. The guys believed in it and there was a very good feel. But unfortunately we made two mistakes and got punished right in the start of second half. Trailing 3-1 the mood went down and the air seemed harder to catch.

TV Augsburg just kept on rolling and scored to 4-1, which became the final result. We were now out and had to play for secondary placements. But all in all a good result for us competing with the best teams in Europe.

Last day of the tournament

CBS Sport Panthers ended up being number 8, after loosing 7-6 against Austrian IHC Irish Moose Linz, in a match where the Panthers were in the lead 2-5 at the break.

TV Augsburg from Germany took the throphy for the third year in a row – after an all German final against Samurai Iserlohn.

As a great triumph, CBS Sport Panthers got their player, Morten Lee Olsen, on the All Star Team of the European Cup.