The Party Crew is looking for new friends!

After a succesful CBS Sport Summer Party, a few of the members of the Party Crew are leaving the crew in order to make room for new people with great new ideas..

The Party Crew is a bunch of happy people, always in the front line to ensure that the party is a blast; whether it is starting a get-to-know-eachother-game or hitting the dance floor, the Party Crew never hesitates!

The Party Crew consists of CBS Sport Members from all kinds of sports and corners of CBS Sport, and there’s always room for fun and good times!

The Party Crew has two big events during the year; The CBS Sport Summer Party and The CBS Sport Christmas Party – so the bright reader has already figured out, that the next party will be the Christmas Party in November, but this doesn’t mean that isn’t anything to do for the Party Crew to do until November..

All options are open, and if this has caught your interest, please contact Stina on – We look forward to hearing from you and inviting you onboard with the Party Crew!