The rugby ladies are back!!

YES! you did read correctly!

The girls team is back and ready for action.

CBS Sport’s favorite girls rugby team played their first tournament of the semester. To say that there was blood, sweat, and tears would not be lying.

The day began with some problems as coach Herbert were unable to be at the tournament, but luckily coach Steve came to the rescue and joined the team at Jens Jessens Vej. The team was pumped and ready to go, which was crucial with only 8 people to play 4 games. 7 teams attended the tournament on this sunny fall day, which is a good turn out for women’s rugby in Denmark. The CBS Sport team player, Maiken, celebrated her birthday this day, so she had brought cake so it seemed like there was no better setting for the first tournament of the season.

CBS Sport vs. Frederiksberg Rugby Klub

The first game was against Frederiksberg rugby team. The CBS Sport team started off full of energy but was not coordinated due to new players unfamiliar with playing a full game with each other, but by the end of the game CBS Sport found each other. Unluckily, the strong Frederiksberg team managed to cross the CBS Sport try line several times in the process.

CBS Sport vs. Grenå

Second game was against Grenå rugby team. CBS Sport was excited and ready and played a really good game with some good tackles. It seemed like the team was more coherent and focused. The game was very equal, which was evident in the final result being 5 – 5.

CBS Sport vs. Odder

Third game was against Odder rugby team. CBS Sport had a fresh player coming straight from work to join the team for the last two games. A game that was mainly 14 minutes of CBS running to Odder’s try line. CBS Sport played really well and everybody was ready for the final game of the day.

CBS Sport vs. DTU Exiles

The last game was against DTU’s Exiles. DTU had a lot of players and were not nearly as tired as the CBS Sport team’s players that had been playing all day without substitutions. It had also been noticed that other teams playing Exiles had ambulances on the field to pick up players so the CBS Sport team knew they were facing a hard game in front of them.

First half started of well. Even though Exiles got a try, the CBS Sport team played well. Or, that was until Maiken was screaming on the ground holding her foot. After that, the team was a bit shaken and was down with two tries. Second half started of better, but Exiles had more energy, and after another injury on the CBS Sport team, they got a third try.

So, two lost games, one won, and one tied. The CBS team was happy, tired and full of bruises and sore muscles.


Also, read the cool article from CBS Observer, where the editor attended the girls’ practice.