The Serie 2 Football team started with a win

After getting promoted 2 years in a row, CBS Sport Football was ready to kick of their new life i Serie 2, when Valby Bk. was visiting in the season premiere Wednesday evening at Jens Jessensvej.

From the start of the match it was clear that it was a CBS Sport team who was ready from the start. Just 4 minutes into the game, Frederik Leen put pressure on a Valby defender and won the ball around the half way line. He took the ball towards the goal line and crossed it flat, perfectly to the far post where Allan, with his right foot, easily could put it into the empty goal. A great start for CBS, who looked in control.

Valby pulled back to 1-1 though just 5 minutes later, when the CBS defense passed the ball straight to a Valby attacker. Again an easy finish, and the team were back on level terms.

For the rest of the 1st half, CBS Sport was in control. The ball was moved around quickly, and the team managed to get to quite a few chances. It was penalty though, that would put CBS Sport 2-1 up before the break. Once again, Frederik Leen moved the ball forward and into the box, were a Valby defender had to throw himself in front of the ball to avoid a free shot. The ball bounced of his hand and arm, and the referee had no doubt. Mathias Jørgensen executed safely, and the CBS Sport boys had a well derserved lead at half time.

In the 2nd half, the picture was the same as the 1st half. CBS Sport was on the ball, using their pace and possesion to keep Valby from chances. Just 2 minutes after the break, Allan send Frederik behind the Valby defender again, and this time he went around the keeper and put the ball in the back of the net. A perfect start, and Valby seemed to lose their hope of getting anything from the match after going 3-1 down.

CBS Sport on the other hand kept playing and created chance after chance. First Mathias and afterward Frederik both scored their 2nd goal to put CBS Sport 5-1 up, before a miscommunication in the in back meant that Jonas Kristensen scored an own goal at the end. 5-2 was the final score.

A more or less perfect start to the season, and hopfully a good indication on what will be awaiting for the rest of the fall.

1-0 Allan Kristiansen (assist: Frederiks Leen)
1-1 Unknown
2-1 Mathias Jørgensen (Penalty – assist: Frederiks Leen)
3-1 Frederik Leen (assist: Allan Kristiansen)
4-1 Mathias Jørgensen (assist: Allan Kristiansen)
5-1 Frederik Leen (assist: Robin Lorvik)
5-2 Jonas Kristensen (own goal)

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