The Sports Pool is here!

The Sports Pool is now reestablised as decided on the last Annual General Meeting.

The Sports Pool is meant as a help for the members of CBS Sport that has an idea for something for the team that is out of the ordinary; for instance a trip or teambuilding for the entire sport or a team.

Members of CBS Sport are able to apply for the sportspool 4 times a year; (mid-Jan, mid-April, mid-June, and mid-October)

The first application deadline is the 31st of October, and is going to be the only one in 2013, so if you have an idea for your team that need funding apply now! The pool is going to at 5000kr for this first application date.

Read on for further details about how to apply for the Sports Pool…

How to apply for funding from CBS Sport Sports Pool

To apply for funding from the Sports Pool, you need to go through this document to make sure all requirements are met.

It is the Board of CBS Sport that decides if an application is accepted or rejected. This decision cannot be appealed or changed in any other way.

There are four annual deadlines for handing in applications: 15th of January 15th of April, 15th of July and 15th of October. Applications received before the deadline will be discussed on the first coming board meeting. If the deadline is less than three working days before the first coming board meeting, then the board can decide to postpone the decision to the second board meeting after deadline.

Practical information about the application

The main purpose of the pool is to support sports with funding for extraordinary activities or items that benefits the members of CBS Sport. Funding can be given to one or more sports together, possibly split into male and female teams.

The more members the activity benefits (either in number of members or as percentage of the sport), the better the chance is of an acceptance.

Since it is a Sports Pool, then the Board is more likely to accept the application if it is sports-related.

Every year in December the board of CBS Sport is deciding the size of the Sports Pool for the upcoming calendar year. The amount will hereafter be informed to the sports responsibles as well as public accessible on the webpage (

The maximum amount that can be applied for is DKK 150 per participant and DKK 5000 in total.

All members and volunteers of CBS Sport can send an application for funding from the Sports Pool.

The application

The application should as a minimum include:

Who is applying

  • Name
  • Sport
  • E-mail
  • Telephone number

What is the application for

  • A description of the activity
  • How many members will benefit from the activity?

How many will get the opportunity to benefit from the activity (will get invited)

How many do you actual estimate will benefit from the activity (will actual attend the activity)


  • A detailed budget for the activity

Funding can only be spend on the agreed items, and cannot be switched from one item to another (if there is more than one in the application)

All costs should be documented by original invoices/receipts which need to be given to CBS Sport. If the costs cannot be documented with an original invoice or receipt, then the applicants personally can be held responsible for the cost.

After the activity

A report of the activity will have to be made to the Board of CBS Sport after the activity. This report should include:

  • How did the activity benefit the members?
  • How many members did the activity benefit?
  • Preferably pictures from the activity

Finally, a story/article for the webpage ( will have to be ready for publishing on the webpage no later than 30 days after the activity ends.

The application or any questions related to the Sportspool should be directed to Sunniva at

Best regards

CBS Sport Board