The Website Workshop

About 16 members had defied the great weather and met up in the CBS Sport Clubroom to attend the website workshop on the 9th of July 2013.

So what are we gonna do?

Christoffer Larsen, CFO of CBS Sport, started of with telling the purpose of the website;

to be a webpage for the current members, with interaction and a flow of news from CBS Sport
to be a point of entry for new members, where they can get the information needed and be intrigued
Hereafter he showed the website and the CMS behind the website, so that everyone had an idea of how it all functions.

The members were divided into 3 groups and asked to discuss how to make the event part better (i.e. Webpage Workshop, Summer Party, practice, matches, tournament and so on), how to create more interaction on the site and a better user experience, and other good ideas.

After being out in groups, people returned to eat pizza and afterwards present their ideas and discussions.

The result

One of the common discussions in all three groups were more integration with facebook to ensure that members would get more aware of activity on the website (i.e. comments on events and news). Furthermore it was a wish that members would get an easier overview of which events they had marked themselves attending/not attending – maybe even a “My page” where relevant events would be listed. Also a possibility of exporting the events to each members personal calendar – either manually or automatically – was requested, together with a better calendar view on the webpage (instead of just a list, maybe a week/month view).

With regards to the CMS part of the website, it was suggested that all coaches, sports responsible and other relevant persons got instructions on how to use the CMS (i.e. seminar or webinar), so that everyone relevant was familiar with for instance how to create events and how to update information on the website. Furthermore it was a wish that mailinglists were managed more automatically via the CMS and not like today where mailinglists are created manually, with risk of errors.

Login on the website has always been an issue – especially around deadline for payment, and it was therefore suggested that logins didn’t expire but just gave the member limited access to the website (i.e. not being able to click ‘attending’ on events) or simply just lead the member directly to the payment page, when logging in.

With regards to content on the webpage it was suggested to have galleries with pictures and videos on the webpage, instead of everything on the facebook fanpage. In general it was also a wish that for instance the introductions of the sports contained an introduction video of the sport instead of only text.

Finally a version of the webpage for the mobile devices was wished for – as more and more members mainly use their mobile devices throughout the day, and with the wish of more interaction on the page, a mobile version is key.

More discussions and ideas were on the table during the workshop but the above gives a good picture of the work that was done.

What now?

After getting all the ideas up on the white board, everyone was asked to pick ONE thing that they found the most important. The obvious “winner” was more interaction with facebook – an idea that the Board has discussed several times and now has a more clear view of the members opinion.

The plan for the Board now is to prioritize all the ideas and find out what can be done without major costs (as in, by volunteer work) and what has to be done by external web developer and with what budget.

Final remarks

The Board (and the webmaster) would like to thank all of the members who showed up for the website workshop and must admit that it was overwhelming to see all the great ideas and constructive discussions – showing what a great club CBS Sport is, with commited members with a lot to contribute with.

If you couldn’t attend in the workshop and feel that your input is missing, feel free to write to the Board or to the webmaster.

Again, thank you!