Boards blog – Time flies!

Time flies!

Time flies! It’s been too long since the last blog update, so here it is.

A new Board

At the general meeting in April almost all of the board positions were replaced. The chairman Stine is now the only one with experience, which makes the job a little hard for her here in the beginning. Luckily we have the pleasure of Asger as an active alternate; he also knows the procedures.

After the most contested election in the clubs history we all have a huge responsibility to satisfy and we are planning to do just that! We will continue our work in making one of the best sports club in Copenhagen.

Campus Relay

It has been two months and we have just now managed to hold the Campus Relay with help from event coordinators. In my opinion it was a great success despite the number of participants not meeting our expectations. The weather was perfect and all participants had a great time; enjoying plenty of “Kanel Gifler” after the run. As a volunteer I handed out food and drinks after the run and – even though the distance was only 2,4 kilometers, it looked like it was a tough race.

So what now?

The first months have been exciting and busy since almost all of us have had to learn everything from scratch. I’m a handball player and I have to admit that I didn’t know much about the other sports. At the same time, several of us have been under pressure due to exams as well. However with such a wonderful bunch of people with plenty of creativity and dedication to the club, we rest assured, everything is going great for CBS Sport both now and in the future.

We are right now working on a new website for CBS Sport. We haven’t decided the release date yet but keep an eye on the website and upcoming news.

It has been a great experience to be a volunteer in CBS Sport. My network has already expanded not only by the board members but also across athletics; I’ve been cheering on the football pitch and I plan to visit badminton soon to see how they are doing.

CBS Sport Summer Party

Our next awesome event is the Summer Party for all members of the club. The party committee invites everyone so we can celebrate together this past season. I encourage you all to participate. You can sign up here.
Let’s make it a party to remember!

Best regards
Rikke Degn Nielsen
Board member of CBS Sport