Victory for CBS Sport Women Handball 2

An extremely early Sunday morning began (for others – Saturday night hadn’t even ended yet…) with a good match between CBS 2 and HGI.

HGI, a group of older ladies who are probably use to getting up early every Sunday morning, were ready from the very start with sarcastic remarks about the CBS team, but we were to prove them wrong.

CBS to the lead from the beginning and was constantly 2-3 goals ahead of HGI, who only had about one good shot. The CBS bench also helped the team along, as they continued the party from last night on the bench with cheerful rallying cries! Only for a short period of time during the second half, HGI got close to a tie, but CBS showed their superiority and won the first match after the Christmas break 23-17.

A collectivistic victory, where every single player contributed with goals, and for that reason no “Player of the match” was pointed out.