Volunteer in CBS Sport

CEO of Danish Industry Bolette Christensen has in an article for Business.dk stated that 83 % of Danish business leaders considers it a positive thing, when a job applicant has experience from volunteering. Of course the academic skills still has to be good, but volunteering improves the social and personal skills of the candidate, and also improves the candidates sense of responsibility, hard work and organisation.

As a sports organisation build and driven by volunteers and situated at Copenhagen Business School, CBS Sport also knows the importance of personal and professional development through volunteering. We offer you a great environment where you get to meet a lot of people, get some experience with different kinds of work that you are interested in and on top of that, help CBS Sport in it’s further development.

On the 25th of November CBS Sport held a meeting for all our volunteers, with one big question on the agenda: ”How can we make it better to be a volunteer in CBS Sport?”. A lot of great ideas and input where given by the volunteers, and this has resulted in two workshops in February (for more information on this – see the invitations in the newsletter). This will hopefully give us an opportunity to make it even more fun to be a volunteer in CBS Sport, and to make it possible for the volunteer to create the skills the volunteer needs in his/hers future career.

If you have any questions about volunteering or would like to sign up as a volunteer, please contact administration@cbssport.dk now! We look forward to seeing a lot of new faces in the new year