Volunteer of the Year: Stine Corlin Christensen

At the CBS Sport Christmas Party on the 28th of November, it was time to give out the Volunteer of the Year prize.

  • Jeppe Udklit Svendsen, Head Coach of Football Women,
  • Lars Rye Petersen, volunteer in Football and Party Crew,
  • Stine Corlin Christensen, Chairman in the Board,
  • Rikke Degn, General Manager in the Executive Management,
  • Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen, Sports Responsible for Volleyball and
  • Stefan Omar Stefansson, Coach at Football.

We thank those who have taken time to write nominations to celebrate our great volunteers.

The committee that chose the winner were members of the board (who had not or were not nominated) together with a representative from the prize sponsor, Danske Bank.

Especially one of the nominees caught the attention of the committee and has done an outstanding job the last years.
Therefore, the winner is… Stine Corlin Christensen.

Unfortunately Danske Bank couldn’t be present at the Christmas Party, but that just means that you will all have the chance to hear why they think Stine deserves the prize.


Below you can also read the nominations to see how much Stine deserves the prize and get a feeling of how much effort and dedication Stine puts into the club.

CBS Sport wants to thank Danske Bank for the great award, all members for the great nominations and a standing ovation to Stine Corlin Christensen for getting the award!

Stine’s nominations

Stine is the obvious choice for Volunteer of the Year. CBS Sport is lucky to have Stine as chairman. Stine will always help you, no matter what question you ask, and no matter if its 7.30 in the morning or late evening. Stine is committed, responsible and is not afraid of taking the hard decisions when needed. Stine has managed the club through a turbulent year, where a new structure in the organization was introduced, two board members has been replaced, and a new employee has just been hired. When it comes to handball Stine is also committed and always up for giving an extra hand when needed to keep track of the scorekeeper plan, buying resin or anything else. It is great to have a person that you can count on like we can count on Stine.

Stine has been chairman for 3,5 year now and so long in the board in total that we have stopped counting. We don’t really know how CBS Sport would do without Stine and that is why she more than anyone deserves to be nominated as the Volunteer of the year! And we hope you will continue to be a part of CBS Sport for many years to come.”

Stine is doing a great work as Chairman of CBS Sport! Not only is she easy to get a hold of, but also firm in her decision making and ready to be proactive when needed. Furthermore it is a delight to see her on the sideline for other sports, proving her involvement in the club as a whole. The club is lucky to have her!

On behalf of CBS Sport,

Cecilie Jørgensen, Susanne Bjørn Thøgersen, Johanne Løwe Tuxen and Asger Bryderup