Volunteer teambuilding

In November CBS Sport held a Volunteer Party, where all who had helped out as volunteers for CBS Sport during the last half year were invited and celebrated.

This year, CBS Sport once again decided to thank its volunteers for their great work and ambition in the organisation, and we had the opportunity to play paintball.

On a windy Saturday in March, 19 of the volunteers met in Kastrup at Amager’s Action Center. After a thorough briefing and changing into camouflage suits and masks, the volunteers were ready to start shooting on each other.

We were divided into three teams; two fighting on the field while the third enjoyed their sodas and sandwiches.

The “war” took place in what looked like an abandoned range with ramps, oil barrels and corners to hide in for the frightened people. We played both inside this range and outside, where the teams were more exposed to one another. The first two wars were rather calm, since everyone (even the more experienced players) had to get a sense of what the field looked like, and figure out tactics for the following wars. Soon the adrenalin was pumping in everyone, and nobody could wait to get on the field again and try to survive as long as possible while killing the opposite team!

After two full hours of nearly constant playing, we were all quite tired and beaten up (literally). We said goodbye to some volunteers in Kastrup, while others teamed up to go to the clubroom at Porcelænshaven by bike, metro or car. Here we enjoyed a couple of beers and shared some pizzas before we got another fight/game going; beerpong! All in all everyone had a lovely day, despite the pain and bruises from the paintball shots, which are still visible and sore four days after.

Thank you CBS Sport for arranging and making this days possible for us!