Become an event coordinator or event volunteer in CBS Sport

event coordinator

Roles and responsibilities of an Event Coordinator in CBS Sport:

  1. Planning and executing the event
  2. Manage the event budget
  3. Recruiting volunteers
  4. Coordinating the day to day volunteers
  5. Generate income and sponsorship deals

Being an Event Coordinator can give you vital experiences:

  1. Leadership experience
  2. Experience in the field of Project Management
  3. Experience in the field of Event Management
  4. Strengthen your organizational and decision making skills
  5. Volunteer Management
  6. Experience in the field of Sponsorship & Sales

event volunteer

The Event Volunteer is taking part of various events at campus as well as outside campus. Volunteers are the fundament for CBS Sport as an organisation, and are appreciated at the highest level. Volunteers receive different non-monetary benefits from the club ranging from free sport membership, to clothing and free participation in various team-building events.

The Event Volunteer has the following responsibilities:

  1. Help with execution of events
  2. Representing CBS Sport to participants in the event
  3. Promotion of CBS Sport as organisation
  4. Promotion of the different sports and events

Being an Event Volunteer can give you experiences with:

  1. Execution of small as well as big events
  2. Handling of participants and stakeholders in the events


If you are interested in being an Event Coordinator in CBS Sport or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at