Volunteers are awesome!

In CBS Sport we say

Volunteers aren’t paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

Therefore, we’ll bring you a short interview with a volunteer here on our website once in a while to honor the people who makes an effort for the club. We hope you will follow*.

This time you will meet Christoffer. He has been a member of CBS Sport for 8 years! He is handball coach for the female handball teams, and until this year’s AGM he was also board member for several years. At the CBS Sport Summer Party he was awarded Honored Member of CBS Sport.

Volunteer 2014
From the left: Nanna, Christoffer, Asger, Preben

What is the best thing about volunteering for CBS Sport?

The social aspect is obviously one of the better things – hence having a great time with all the other people in the club (especially the dedicated volunteers). Especially foreign (sports)trips have been fun.

Besides that, it must be that you, if you have the capabilities and commitment, can start your own projects and see them come to life – as well as (once in a while) see other volunteers being truly committed to a project related to the club.
What do you do in your main time?

I work full time as an data analyst (+) at Falcon Social.
Tell us three facts about yourself

I hate status quo
Think football is much more fun to watch than handball (even though I am handball coach)
I have paid more than half of the amount of money myself, after starting the “finebox” in the women handball teams

With which words would you describe CBS Sport?

Happy, Work, Fun
Question from the last awesome volunteer: What was your reason for joining CBS Sport as a volunteer

Not entirely sure – Former board member Christine Wibro asked me to be a coach since they didn’t have one.. That’s 8 years ago (…)
What do you want to ask the next awesome volunteer?

What are the three biggest challenges for you personally to overcome in order for you to achieve what you want in CBS Sport?

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If you want to volunteer for CBS Sport or have any questions please contact administration@cbssport.dk or read more here.