Volunteers are awesome!

In CBS Sport we say

Volunteers aren’t paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

Therefore, we’ll bring you a short interview with a volunteer here on our website once in a while to honor the people who makes an effort for the club. We hope you will follow*.

This time you will meet the Panther. As the Panther speaks its own language then this is the best possible translation



For how long have you been a member and what do you do in CBS Sport?

My whole life! I am the visible face for promotion and attention. I also scare young innocent students. Aarghh


What is the best thing about volunteering for CBS Sport?

SLUSH ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And The upcoming Volunteer Party on 7th of Movemember

And the upcoming Christmas Party on 29th of Movemember

What do you do in your main time?

Promote CBS SPORT, sleep, Promote CBS SPORT, drink slush ICE, and sleep and Promote CBS SPORT
Tell us three facts about yourself

I have a long tail
“The Survivors “ are famous because I use their song
The awesome many members who have represented me 😀


With which words would you describe CBS Sport?




Question from the last awesome volunteer: How did you become a volunteer at CBS Sport?

I was born this way.
Some people are conceived the natural way, some people are conceived in a fertility clinic and I was conceived in a vote among the members.

What do you want to ask the next awesome volunteer?

Gje Argh huu Danske Ung bank account?

Ûn drrg what crazy things would lgt grr hgj gaer graj you do if you were the CBS Sport Panther?


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 Panther 1

 Panther 2
 Panther 3

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If you want to volunteer for CBS Sport or have any questions please contact administration@cbssport.dk or read more here.