Volunteers are awesome! – Preben Mortensen

In CBS Sport we say

Volunteers aren’t paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

Therefore, we’ll bring you a short interview with a volunteer here on our website once in a while to honor the people who makes an effort for the club. We hope you will follow.

This time you will meet Preben Mortensen. He has been a member for 4,5 years and is very active at CBS Sport; he is a Board Member of CBS Sport, and furthermore he is coach of the women’s basketball team and assistant coach at the men’s third team.

So here is what he responded to our questions:

What is the best thing about volunteering for CBS Sport?

The best thing about being a volunteer for CBS Sport is all the great people I have gotten to know. Some of my best friends now are members of CBS Sport. Also the experience of being part of creating cool events or starting new teams are very fun and motivating.

What do you do in your main time?

I study MSc. Management of Innovation and Business Development at CBS.

Tell us three facts about yourself

  1. I’m Norwegian!
  2. Basketball is my game
  3. Love to be part of creating something new (events, teams, products etc.).

With which words would you describe CBS Sport?

Great, engaged and sporty people!

What do you want to ask next week’s volunteer?

What is your dream for CBS Sport in the future?