Volunteers are awesome! – Charlotte Eirfeldt

In CBS Sport we say

Volunteers aren’t paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!

Therefore, we’ll bring you a short interview with a volunteer here on our website once in a while to honor the people who makes an effort for the club. We hope you will follow.

This time you will meet Charlotte Eirfeldt (in the middle of the picture). She has been a member for half a year and was co-organizer of the CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournement – she liked it very much and is planning to do a lot more volunteer work for CBS Sport in the future. From CBS Sport we can only say that the Dodgeball Tournement was a huge success so we highly appreciate that Charlotte wants to continue!

What is the best thing about volunteering for CBS Sport?

Until now I have only been arranging the dodgeball tournament which I think was a great way to see how the volunteering work for CBS Sport works. You meet a lot of students at CBS Sport who are so nice and awesome and are so engaged that they will help you out in any situation. Also the administration and the people behind CBS Sport are a huge help if you need answers. It is like joining a sports family at CBS.

What do you do in your main time?

I study BA European Business at CBS.

Tell us three facts about yourself:

  1. I’m 20 years old
  2. Football is my favorite sport
  3. I like to take the first step and be the initiator

With which words would you describe CBS Sport?

Dedicated, energetic, helpful and great people.

Question from the last awesome volunteer: What is your dream for CBS Sport in the future?

My dream for CBS Sport is that there in the future will be more members and volunteers in the organization. It is difficult to describe how it is to be a part of CBS Sport before you enter, so I will recommend anyone to step in and in some way be a part of the great team.

What do you want to ask the next awesome volunteer?

What do you think is the best thing about CBS Sport?