We proudly announce: THE NEW LOGO

CBS sport is proud to reveal the clubs new logo

…as well as the winner of the logo competition.

The board is proud to present CBS Sport’s new logo to our members and the public. The new logo shows several of our sports molded into one globe to symbolize diversity and team spirit. It also symbolizes that CBS Sport is an international club as well as the connection to CBS is still represented in the logo.

The board hopes that the new logo will be well received and that our member can associate the values of CBS Sport with this new logo.

The logo competition

The designer of the new logo is Milan Pleva. The board would like to congratulate Milan Pleva with winning the competition as well as thank everybody who sent in a contribution. Milan was succesful in capturing all the values that we feel, that the logo must encompass. Thus, after only a few iterations with Milan, we ended up with a logo, that we hopefully will use in the distant future as the official visual identity of the club.

Why a new logo?

The original logo of CBS Sport was made in corporation with CBS in 2006 when CBS Sport was founded. This logo was a variation of CBS’ logo. CBS has now made some changes in their logo and some restrictions on who can use the variations of their new logo. That meant that even if we had wanted to, it is was not possible to update the CBS Sport logo. Thus, the CBS Sport logo was not allowed to look like the new CBS logo. So that is why the board issued the logo competition.

Logo versions

There are two main versions of the logo. The ’round version’ is to be used as the primary logo. Thus, this logo must be used on all print material (e.g. shirts, posters, flyers etc.). The secondary logo (the long version) can be used when the primary logo version is not to be used only if the primary is inappropriate (e.g. on the website etc.). The tertiary logo version (white) is used when the background is a blue/black version. Thus, this will be used on blue shirts etc.

as mentioned previously, we hope you all like the new official logo of CBS Sport. It is our hope that this will help get the club a more differential expression on CBS as well as also expressing a more sports-oriented identity.