Welcome to the new cbssport.dk

We are happy to introduce our new website with a new clean design and new functionalities.


After months of working in high and low temperatures and in all types of weather conditions, with infinite cups of coffee and noisy brainstorming, we are finally proud to announce that our well tested and awesome new CBS Sport homepage has finally landed and ready to rock your world!

The new web page has many great features tied together. It’s different, unique, and with lots of inspiring offers and news. Here, you can find the content that fits your crave for information, pops of color that visually delights your eye and a really nice touch in terms of user friendliness that makes your every page visit valuable and worth taking it over and over.

Our new page is the place where real sports are the norm not the exception. It’s a webpage where you can get inspired and motivated to sign up today for our sports offers, clicking our prominent social links, buying the necessary sport equipment from our shop (coming soon) or just sign-up for our cool but not spammy newsletter. A web page that is thoughtful yet practical, and helpful for all our present and future members and volunteers. It is the place where you can get the answers to the tough questions like “What is CBS Sport?”, “Can someone please explain how to become a volunteer?” or “What are the membership fees?” or “What are the latest events I can join in and have fun?” Just to name a few.

With all of that in mind, our new website with its freshly baked design and content is ready to run and to be used. So, if you got curious and looking forward to find out more about CBS Sport club sport experiences, we hope you’ll click and check out our newly launched webpage. Connect with us and let’s build a stronger sport community with people passionate about sports and eagerly wanting to visit and share our site.

Happy browsing and have a great journey!


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Introducing MobilePay

Furthermore, with our new website we have also introduced payments with MobilePay – you can still pay with creditcards and PayPal as well.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the administration.