Welcome to the new board!

The Annual General Meeting had a great turn out and about 40 people were ready to hear what the Chairman had to say, ask questions to the financial report and the budget, ask more questions to the suggested statutory changes and last but certainly not least vote for the members running for the board!

The Chairman’s Report, the Financial Report and the budget

The agenda took off with Chairman Stine highlightning some of the stuff in the Chairman’s Report (read it here) and afterward Treasurer Christoffer went over the Financial Report (the final Financial Report will be uploaded within soon) and the budget – both the Financial Report and the budget got some questions from the members, ie. why the revenue and the expenses was estimated a lot lower in 2014 than in 2013 (the answer hereto was primarily decline in grants and no expenses for X-fit and sports center hire (the CBS Sport Dome) – read more in the AGM Summary that will be posted within soon).

Statutory changes

No AGM without some good discussions. The board had suggested some statutory changes, whereas the majority was approved by the members, including an increase in board members from 7 to 8. But one statutory change moving a paragraph from how the board works, to how the board was elected stirred up some joyful discussion of which sport could do hostile takeovers of the club. Thankfully the discussions were with a twinkle in the eye, but the discussions ended with 16 votes for the amendment and 15 against, meaning that the amendment couldn’t go through, as the Constitution states that at least 2/3 of the AGM must vote for the statutory changes. The updated Constitution will be published within soon.

Election of the Board

After hearing a short motivational speech from all the candidates, the members used their ballots to find the new members of the board.

The counting was made by Nanna Nielsen and Cecilie Rasmussen, under strict supervision of the chairperson, and the result was clear with only a minor obstacle with regards to the 1st and 2nd alternate, but here Karina decided to take 2nd alternate and leave the other position to Maja.

The new board

Stine Corlin Christensen (Chairman)
Susanne Thøgersen (Vice Chairman)
Jonas Valentiner (Treasurer)
Andreas Nørsgaard
Frederik Leen von der Recke
Mattias Raptis-Brødsgaard
Mette Roed-Kristiansen
Rikke Degn


Maja Friis
Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard
Rikke Larsen
Asger Bryderup

See a short introduction of the board members below, which also shows that the board has a great diversity in both age, sports and study.

Another bullet on the agenda was to approve the different sport departments election of sports responsibles. A bunch of new responsibles had been elected throughout the club and an updated list will be posted within soon!

A big thanks to the retirering board and sports responsible

Lastly Chairman Stine thanked the retirering board and sports responsible with some wine and hugs.

From the board the retirering members are: Casper Koll-Petersen, Christoffer Larsen, Nanna Buhl Nielsen, Pernille Schrøder, Preben Amilcare Mortensen and Sunniva Skare.

Sports Responsibles retirering are: Birita Hammershaimb Christiansen (Football), Britt Lorenzen (Handball), Michael Bjerregaard (Floorball) and Johann Thomsen (Badminton)

Thank you to all of the above – and to all you lovely members who attended and made sure to make this another great AGM!