Winners of CBS Sport Challenge 2013 – Part 2

Leading up to CBS Sport Challenge 2014, we’ll bring a serial of interviews with the winners from last year.

Second CBS Sport Challenge 2013 winner to be interviewed is Majbritt W. Sørensen, who won the Volleyball Tournament together with her team, USG.

1st place: USG

(for the record, CBS Sport Volleyball, made it second in last year’s challenge, red.)

So, Majbritt, your team – USG – won the volleyball tournament for third time last year.. Is USG ready for a fourth victory in a row?

Yes of course! USG are more than ready to gather a team and kick some volleybutt, haha! It is very rare that any of us play together, actually this is the only tournament where we all meet up and have fun, so it’s become a very nice tradition that we all look forward to every year.

Our research shows us, that you’re currently at Greenland – are you taking the trip home, to help defend your team’s title, or are you confident that your team can do it without you?

Yes, your research is correct. I’m currently living in Greenland and to my great regret I will not be able to join the team this year. But I’m sure that they’ll do more than fine without me. But if the prize this year is a return ticket to Nuuk, I’m sure my team mates will play extra well to try and win it for me for next year!

What do you think of the CBS Sport Challenge?

Now we have played the tournament three times and we still want to come back, so you must be doing something right 🙂

Albeit, the level of performance from the teams are varying A LOT, the referees could maybe have read the rulebook beforehand and it would be nice to have antennas on the net, but it’s all part of the charm and it makes the tournament more about people from different institutes and countries having fun together and fairplay, than about competion and being the best.

So the social aspect of the event is the best part and that is why we continue to come and play the tournament.

What prizes have your team won at the Challenge and how have you used them?

Every year we have won a few hours of fun at SuperEvent in Rødovre and two times we also won a free bottle of booze at a bar downtown, I have forgotten the name though.. (we’re quite sure, it was Drunken Flamingo, red.)

The prizes have always resulted in an allday event for the team, where we’d start out playing SumoFootball, BungeeBasket, KangarooFighting and stuff like that followed by a nice dinner and then a lot of beers and dancing all night long.

One year during dinner we got to talking about skiing and that resulted is us getting in a car very early the following morning and driving to Liseberg for the closing day of skiing there. It was a great trip that probably wouldn’t have happen without the preceding fun at both the Challenge and SuperEvent.

So the prizes are very much in line with the social aspect of the entire Challenge and we love that! Adventures are the best gifts you can get!



A great thanks to Majbritt for her kind words and also her tiny reprimand to the referees, we always strive to become better!

We look forward to see if USG can take their fourth win in a row!

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