Winners of CBS Sport Challenge 2013 – Part 3

Leading up to CBS Sport Challenge 2014, we’ll bring a serial of interviews with the winners from last year.

Third CBS Sport Challenge 2013 winner to be interviewed is Patcharin “Tangmo” Saksirivetkul, who won the Badminton Tournament for female single players.


You won the Badminton Tournament last year – what place did you get and what prize did you win? How did you use your prize?

I came in the first place of the womens’ tournament and I won several vouchers for desserts, movies and photographs taking. I spent most of my vouchers on leisures goods and services, such as seeing a movie with friends and professional photographs for my CV (the dessert – frozen yoghurt – was too cold for the Danish winter).

Our research shows us, that you’re currently in China – are you taking the trip home, to help defend your title, or are you letting others having a go?

I truly wish I could go back and defend my title. But then again, China definitely sets a higher level of badminton tournaments, in which I would have a chance to compete with several upper-hand players. So I’m counting on that to be a big experience.


Do you know anyone who’s gonna compete at the Challenge?

Difinitely several members of CBS Sport Badminton, such as: Aleksander Mollgaard, Kathrine Nielsen, Jens-Emil Nielsen and Morten Bach. Amazing players!


What do you think of the CBS Sport Challenge?

I love it! I’ve been participating every year. Getting to meet number of other badminton players from other university was definitely an experience. It was a little tough having seven matches in one day; my body was sore every time. But no pain, no gain right?


Would you like to participate in CBS Sport Challenge 2014?

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