Women’s Football Player of the Year 2015

True to tradition, the Player of the Year was appointed CBS Sport’s big Christmas Party on Saturday the 27th of November.

The choice fell – under tough competition – on Cirkeline.

We have had another busy year with high turnover in the squad, while we had to develop the team and meet our goals of gaining immediate promotion to Københavnsserien in the spring season, whilst establishing ourselves in Københavnsserien in the fall season.
We’ve succeeded in doing that better than ever before, and I believe that the team has turned a corner with respect to the collective approach to training, matches and results.

Cirkeline has been a key player throughout the year and has made a significant contribution to the development of the team. Not only because she has been present for a large share of practices and matches, but also because she always puts in a great effort and is not afraid to lead by example. She always excells at the task which is asked of her, which was especially clear when she was asked to play in an unfamiliar position in midfield.

Finally it is also a great pleasure to have a player who is always positive and engaged in everything she participates in around the team.

Congratulations to Cirkeline!

Best regards,

Jeppe Udklit Svendsen
Head coach