Workshop: Club Finances


All members are invited to a workshop about the club finances. The topic will be the ‘sports pool’ and equity utilization.

Where and when

The workshop will take place on the 25th of May 2013, from 11 to 15 at the CBS Sport Clubroom.

A proposal to restore the ‘Sports Pool’ was submitted and approved at the Annual General Meeting. In that context the board of CBS Sport would like to discuss the potential guidelines for the pool.

The presentation of the CBS Sport financial report 2013 at the Annual General Meeting stirred up quite a discussion regarding the utilization of the current surplus on the 2012 report. The Board of CBS Sport would reopen this debate in a constructive manner. Thus, we invite all members to a workshop around this topic: How should the club utilize the equity / potential surplus.

Thus the agenda for the workshop is:

  • Welcome
  • The guidelines of the ‘Sports Pool’
  • Utilization of the equity
  • Responsibilities

Snacks and soft drinks will be served.