World Cup Fantasy Football 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is about to begin, and of course we are having a game of Fantasy Fooball here as well.

This time, however, our very own Casper Koll is not in charge, but Danish TV2 is hosting the game together with Oddset (Danske Spil), and a CBS Sport league has been created.

So come on and join! Create a profile and participate in this game!

Unfortunately it is in Danish, but Koll has offered to help, if any of you need a short introduction to the game – so just contact

Underneath you’ll the link for the game, the name of the league and the password for the league.
If you have problems signing up for the league, also feel free to contact Koll on the aforementioned mail.


Privatliga (League name): CBS Sport

Password: 12345678