WT: Football Women (11) vs. Bagsværd Bk.

Winter Tournament

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Bagsværd Bk.
Date: 25th of February 2015
Venue: Bagsværd Stadion



Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Hansen – Birgitte – CC
Midfield: Mie – Kathrine – Laura – Mia – Caroline
Striker: Lisa

Subs: Majbritt, Malle, Ingrid, Kiri

The match

Due to a wisdom tooth removal, Pernille had to cancel, and Kiri stepped in on a very short notice. This meant winter tournament 2015 debut for both Kiri and Ingrid.

The match started with Bagsværd rushing out and trying to put a high pressure. After realising that the pressure mainly consisted of the opponents running, CBS Sport soon played it cool and just passed it around like instructed by Coach Jeppe.

After 10 minutes, Kathrine sent a beautiful school book pass to Lisa who could power it in, in the furthest corner of the goal – impossible for the goalkeeper to reach and more or less a remake of the shooting practice the day before! 1-0!

The good play – often very patient play, just like Coach Jeppe likes it – proved useful, as CBS Sport played themselves to many chances. 28 minutes into the game, and after quite a few CBS Sport chances that was nicely saved by the Bagsværd keeper, Kathrine managed to score on a strong header, with Caroline providing the assist on the corner kick. 2-0!

Bagsværd’s only chance in the first half came as one of their players got a bit of space and got off a good shot at the corner of the goal, but Cecilie was well placed and could parry the attempt out for Bagsværd’s only corner of the match.

After 30 minutes Malle came on for Lisa and Ingrid came on for Laura.

At half time, Coach Jeppe made four substitutions which gave the following line-up at the start of second half:

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Majbritt – Birgitte – CC
Midfield: Lisa – Ingrid – Kiri – Mia – Laura
Striker: Malle

Second half started a bit slow and looked as if it would be a no goal affair, but 22 minutes in Lisa sends a perfectly weighted pass to Malle in the right side of the box, which Malle follows up with a first time finish that goes in off the inside of the far post! 3-0!

Bagsværd was starting to look tired and relied on a high defensive line in the hopes of limiting CBS Sport’s space. This opened up for a number of big chances and the many beautiful spectators who’d decided to take the trip to Bagsværd could – together with the coaching staff – look in despair as the ball several times went straight past goal or was deflected by the very well playing opponent keeper.

The biggest unsuccesful CBS Sport chance, was probably when Malle made a dangerous cross, that both CBS Sport players and opponents expected to get cleared, which went just past the far post with nobody able to reach the ball for the tap-in.

With 20 minutes left, Birgitte was pushed up as defensive midfielder, replacing Ingrid, and Hansen was placed in central defense together with Majbritt. Malle, Kiri and Lisa swapped duties as the lone striker throughout the last 15 minutes of the game.

Being back on the midfield, Birgitte was eager to be a part of the more offensive play, and as Mie found herself more or less alone on the left side, she yelled for the ball from Birgitte and got it served right at her feet down the left flank. Mie cut in towards goal and waited for the keeper to make her move, as she served a flat cross to Caroline who could tap the ball into the open goal, after completing a run from her position at the right wing.

Shortly after the referee blew the whistle with the score at 4-0.

The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was very pleased with the performance afterwards: “I’m very happy with today’s match. We’re still making mistakes here and there but once again we largely kept the opponent away from chances, whilst creating several chances of our own. The patient build up play and our offensive shape is coming along nicely and I really do think the shape makes a difference when we loose tha ball, as we’re winning the ball back much quicker than previously in many situations.
Four goals fom four different players doesn’t hurt either!”.

CBS Sport is hereby holding the position as number one, with maximum points after three matches and 6 goals up. Next match is Sunday, the 8th of March at Jens Jessens Vej. Kick-off is at 15:30.

Result: 0-4 (win!)
Goal: Lisa (assist: Kathrine), Kathrine (assist: Caroline), Malle (assist: Lisa), Caroline (assist: Mie)
Woman of the Match: Cirkeline and Laura (3 each) (runner-up; Caroline and Lisa (2 each))





Charlotte 2 Malle 2
Kathrine 2 Caroline 2
Caroline 2 Pernille 1
Lisa 1 Kathrine 1
Malle 1 Lisa 1
Mie 1