WT: Football Women (11) vs. Lyngby Bk.

Winter Tournament

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Lyngby Bk.
Date: 8th of March 2015
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Pernille – Hansen – Birgitte – CC
Midfield: Mie – Kathrine – Laura – Mia – Lisa
Striker: Malle

Subs: Nathalie, Kristie, Ingrid

The match

Rikke was originally in the starting line-up in central defense with Birgitte, but due to sickness she was forced to stay home and Hansen shuffled in to central defense, leaving the full back position to Pernille.

As number two in the winter tournament table, and decent results in SBU’s Serie 1, Lyngby should be the indicater of whether we were ready for the spring season.

Lyngby played as expected, wise football, but CBS Sport still managed to keep the ball and play their game.

With chances to both teams, the match looked to be interesting and the beautiful spectators who’d showed up were marvellous at cheering when the ball was near the Lyngby goal. Unfortunately, neither Malle’s ballon ball towards goal or Laura’s shot from the distance had what it took. Fortunately in the other end, the Lyngby offense only got through the defensive line two or three times, where Cecilie was proving her worth on one-on-ones.

The match ended 0-0, meaning that CBS Sport keeps the lead with 10 points after four mathces.

The aftermath

As not all players were at their best, Coach Jeppe, was very pleased that his team managed to keep the clean sheet and still be very dangerous in the offensive play.

Result: 0-0 (draw)
Goal: N/A
Woman of the Match: Cecilie





Charlotte 2 Malle 2
Kathrine 2 Caroline 2
Caroline 2 Pernille 1
Lisa 1 Kathrine 1
Malle 1 Lisa 1
Mie 1