2013 flashbacks!

So what went down in CBS Sport in 2013? LOADS!

True to tradition the year of CBS Sport started off with a CBS Sport Day in January in order to draw people’s attention to the sports that CBS Sport offer and the events that were planned to be launched in 2013.

In April the Annual General Meeting was held. Besides the election of chairman and board members, the financial report stirred up quite a discussion – proving that members of CBS Sport cares about their club and have an opinion that they’re not afraid to display.

CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament

Later in April, CBS Sport held their very first CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament. It was a bit of a gamble; Would it work to have a dodgeball tournament at Porcelænshaven and would people participate? The answer was a big, fat YES! The tournament was a big success and Team Girl Power ran off with the 1st prize. The planning of CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament 2014 has already started, and you will hear more when the new year has arrived.

In the spring CBS Sport Volleyball went to Eurosades 2013 in Barcelona with a very international team; both American, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, and Danish players. The team unfortunately didn’t win it all, but they sure had a great weekend!

In late April the Board introduced “The Board’s Blog” aiming at giving the members more information on what the board spends their time doing, and their thoughts on different subjects. You can always find the newest blog post at the top.

In April, CBS Sport Skaterhockey took home their very first trophy in City Cup at Vesterbro! After a truly exciting final against the defending champions of the European Cup, CBS Sport Panthers won 6-5 and could take the trophy home!

Special Lecture @ CBS

In May the sponsor agreement between CBS Sport and Danske Bank really proved it’s worth with a Special Lecture @ CBS with the subject “Sponsorships and football from a commercial and financial perspective”. Prominent people like Rikke Dræbye Gantzhorn, Commercial Director at PARKEN Sport & Entertainment A/S, Jesper Jørgensen, COO at Deloitte Denmark and Peter Gudsøe, Marketing Responsible for Danske Bank’s Region Copenhagen came and presented their thoughts to this popular event.

Also in May CBS Sport held their annual Street Football Tournament. A beautiful day set the scene for the tournament and despite some trouble with the court everyone had a great day! Congratulations to Los Malotes, who took the 1st prize.

At the end of May, CBS Sport held a workshop for all the members about the club finances. After the Annual General Meeting is was clear that many members had an opinion and the workshop gave the Board more clear directions to what way their members wanted them to go. Both the restored Sports Pool and equity utilization was discussed.

Great results!

June ment the end of the winter and the spring season for many sports in the club, and quite a few teams could show some great results;

  • CBS Sport Football had 5 out of 8 teams promoted, including the Men’s team who got promoted to Serie 3 – the greatest success, since getting to the third round of the Cup.
  • CBS Sport Basketball got their 2nd team promoted to Sekundarækken Herrer Øst.
  • CBS Sport Rugby also had a pretty much flawless season and an unbeaten record for the spring season!

CBS Sport Summer Party

To celebrate summer, CBS Sport – true to tradition – held an awesome Summer Party! The party was a great succes, which – besides good food and a stocked bar – had Handball Player of the Year on the agenda.

When the Party Crew came to clean up the day after, a toilet seat was missing, the bar only contained energy drinks and two bottles of Jägermeister, and the Party (Cleaning) Crew was TIRED – but happy!

During summer, in July, CBS Sport again invited their members to a workshop – this time regarding the website. A bunch of members defied the great weather and contributed with great ideas and constructive discussions – showing what a great club CBS Sport is, with commited members with a lot to contribute with. Some of the results from the workshop can be seen here and here.

Also in July, CBS Sport launched a logo competition due to restrictions from Copenhagen Business School on who could use the variations of their logo. In August the Board could proudly present the new logo, designed by Milan Pleva.

After the summer, CBS Sport Football announced an ambitious project of videotaping a number of matches throughout the fall season. The project succeeded and they now have several videos and probably loads of material that they hopefully will display during the winter break.

A new semester and a new sport

The beginning of the semester in September also meant intro presentations from CBS Sport and another CBS Sport Day and participation in Student Society Day, where new students could get to know more about CBS Sport, their sports and events.

At the Student Socity Day CBS Sport unveiled their new sport; CBS Sport X-fit and in late September it was official!

In September, CBS Sport Campus Relay was back after one year’s absense due to the metro construction work. Team Full Performance won it all, and the volunteers could report that they were 25 volunteers who helped out on the day and put up six tents and 60 meters of fence.

This semester CBS Sport Basket Women enrolled their team to the tournament after a few years of absense. After getting more and more inquiries from girls wanting to play basket, CBS Sport started the team in the start of 2013, and the try-outs went great and it was awesome to be able to enroll the team to the tournament!

True to tradition CBS Sport Challenge was held in October, with a bunch of CBS students (and non-students) participated in either badminton, volleyball, basketball and football. All in all, a great day!

CBS Sport X-fit

After presenting CBS Sport’s 10th sport – CBS Sport X-fit – they could now present their new facilities: The X-fit Box! The grand opening was held as an opportunity for interested to try out the sport and see the instructors and facilities. More than 50 people participated (and a majority continued as members) and it was fair to say that CBS Sport X-fit had proven to be a great succes!

In October it was reported that the rugby ladies was back! After being absent for a while CBS Sport Rugby now counted a playing women’s rugby team! Even the editor of CBS Observer had it proven by a try out practice – he nearly didn’t survive.


In late October both CBS Sport Rugby and CBS Sport Football could present promotions.

CBS Sport Rugby Men got promoted to 1st Division UNDEFEATED and

CBS Sport Football Women got their promotion to Københavnersserien after starting 2013 in Serie 2.

New sponsor

In October CBS Sport could also present a new principal sponsor: E.ON! The parties agreed on a two year sponsorship, which includes E.ONs logo on the jerseys of CBS Sport’s two volleyball teams as well as on the shorts of the two women handball teams. Furthermore E.ON will be the event sponsor for the Dodgeball Tournament in 2014.

CBS Sport Christmas Party

To end of the fall season (for some sports) CBS Sport held their traditional CBS Sport Christmas Party in November. For the party principal sponsor Danske had sponsored a New Standards Award, which was awarded to Thomas Staalager for his great and extensive volunteer work for CBS Sport. Player of the Year was also awarded at both CBS Sport Rugby and CBS Sport Football, and despite some struggle with the food (first CBS Sport Christmas Party ever with asian food..!) people had a great party.

We thank you all for a GREAT 2013 and can’t wait to get started with 2014. We are definitely in danger of becoming accustomed to reports on great events and good sports results, but we hope to be able to continue and grow as a club!

See you all in 2014!