2015: A historic year for the CBS Sport Rugby Ladies!

The CBS Rugby Ladies have previously had a difficult time getting enough numbers to practice, and even for tournaments the girls have at times shown up with only 6 or 7 players for a tournament of 3-4 matches. Those days are finally over!

In the fall semester of 2014 the team got a bunch of new players with permanent residence in the Copenhagen area, which meant that the core of players expanded. The following year, especially in the fall semester we received so many new players, both exchange students and new CBS students that we had around 20 girls for practice twice a week, something that had never been seen before in the history of the CBS Sport Rugby Ladies! This large intake of new players meant that at the final tournament of the year, CBS Sport Rugby entered the tournament with TWO teams! It was an incredible day and everyone got to play a lot of rugby!

The large intake of new players and two teams for a tournament wasn’t the only historic milestones for CBS Sport Rugby. We also successfully hosted our first home tournament ever in the summer 2015. This day, on our home pitch, we managed to beat the top-ranked Frederiksberg team, which had also never happened before. It was the icing on the cake of our home tournament debut and we hope to repeat the success. Therefore, we have already applied for hosting again this year and with the experience we got last time we hope to host another great tournament in 2016.

2015 was also a historic year for the team in terms of finishing 4th place in the Danish Women’s 7s Championship! The CBS Sport Rugby Ladies have never before managed to get into that many matches in competing for the 3rd/4th place matches before, so we were overall thrilled with our ranking. We wouldn’t have been able to do this well in the tournaments without all the girls’ hard work at practices. Everyone has improved and done really well – an improvement that wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible and very patient coaches Tom and Andy. They deserve huge thanks for all their effort and commitment to the team. We are all so happy to have you and we’re looking forward to another fantastic year with you guys!

Since the Danish Women’s league only has around 8 teams nationwide, we need to travel to both Funen and Jutland once in a while to participate in tournaments. This can at times be quite expensive for us poor students. Therefore we decided to apply for the CBS Sports Pool to help cover some of our expenses and were awarded a bit of money for our faraway tournaments. This has really helped encourage our players to go the long way to play in Jutland and Funen and meant that more girls have been able to participate in these tournaments.

After such an amazing 2015 for not just the Rugby Ladies but also the Men’s team, we from CBS Sport Rugby are really excited to see what 2016 will bring, but the main goal is of course still to just play a lot of rugby and have great fun with that! We have already started practicing and we’re always looking for new players so if you’re thinking about joining a new, tough and very sociable sport then drop by for a try-out practice with us! Get more info here.

Best regards,

Marianne Qvistgaard Hansen
CBS Sport Rugby Women