A draw for CBS Sport Women’s team 2

In this match the opponent was SU KFUM

Throughout the match the line of defense was good. The offense was lacking at times, especially during the first half of the game the players seemed to have difficulties at executing complex combinations of tactics.

In the second half, the defense was continually excellent, and in the offense one sensed a better feel for team play with more tactical combinations. Generally, there was a lot of good, positive energy from the players, which gave better results. The game tensed up in the final minutes, when we were close to equalizing – the final goal was scored in the second last second.

A contributing factor to the result was that our defense was positioned farther from our goal than usual during the opponent’s last attack, which resulted in an opportunity to make a fast counterattack and equalize.

Player of the game: Rikke Krog Mogensen – the highest scoring player

Written by Christoffer Larsen