A funny story from the basketball department

On February 27th, basketball responsible Henriette received an email from a slightly panicking Chairman Karina who had received a rather disturbing email from a ”Lannie Mize”. Lannie Mize’s email was pretty angry, and Karina asked Henriette if she knew about the situation Mr. Mize spoke of in his angry email.

The email said:

”What is going on with your sports? To cut out of a very good game with less than three minutes to go, a tied game at that. To switch it over to two of the worst games in the ACC is outrageous!!! And my guess is no one can figure out why CBS sports has gone down hill. Hmmmm, do I really have to explain? Absolutely horrible decision!!!


Though Henriette didn’t understand much of this email, she panicked as well, as started to call coaches and team leaders of the basketball department to hear about this outrageous email. The next day Sportsmanager Søren Low could explain us the situation – this Lannie Mize apparently meant to write CBS Sport – the American Sports Channel, and accidentally wrote CBS Sport instead. So no harm done, just a lot of panic in 24 hours, which luckily ended up with a big laugh!