A great season for CBS Sport Football

CBS Sport Football started 2013 with more football teams than ever; on the womens’ side the 7-a-side team was enrolled again after a year of absence and on the mens’ side a third 11-a-side team was enrolled, together with one new 7-a-side team.

In all this meant:

  • CBS Sport Football Men 1, in Serie 4, P12
  • CBS Sport Football Men 2, in Serie 5, P20
  • CBS Sport Football Men 3, in Serie 5, P18 (new)
  • CBS Sport Football Men (7) 1, in Serie 1
  • CBS Sport Football Men (7) 2, in Serie 3, P158
  • CBS Sport Football Men (7) 3, in Serie 3, P161 (new)
  • CBS Sport Football Women, in Serie 2, P2A
  • CBS Sport Football Women (7), in Serie 2, P164 (new)

– 8 teams!

CBS Sport Football Men 1, in Serie 4, P12

The 1st team ended their fall half season as number two with only two defeats against Wadani and FC Nanoq and two ties against TKC and Hellerup. On the other hand the spring half season had a bumpy start with a new structure in CBS Sport Football (due to the new 3rd team) and two defeats against Olympic Amager KIF and Søde Stjerne. Wadani proved to be a tough opponent with another win against CBS Sport, but CBS Sport got their revenge over FC Nanoq with a 11-1 victory.

With two matches left, CBS Sport had the chance of securing promotion if they were to win against 1way FF – a team they won 1-0 against in the fall half season. The match ended up being very close and dramatic and giving CBS Sport the first tie in the spring half season. This meant that CBS Sport still needed at least one point in the last match, if 1way FF won their last match – which they did not, and hence promotion was secured without playing.

CBS Sport ends on a second place, with TKC on the first place – a team CBS Sport won 5-1 over in the spring season and played 1-1 in the fall season.

This is the first time ever that CBS Sport is gonna play in Serie 3 and the greatest success, since getting to the third round of the Cup.

CBS Sport Football Men 2, in Serie 5, P20

The 2nd team of CBS Sport Football Men had the best season ever, as they won their pool with only two defeats and a thrilling final match against Bk. Heimdal ending 7-1, bumping CBS Sport’s goal difference up to 32-11!

This means that even though the 1st team is being promoted to Serie 3, CBS Sport will still be represented in Serie 4 as the 2nd team very much earned their promotion by winning the pool!

CBS Sport Football Men 3, in Serie 5, P18

Being a new enrolled team, the 3rd team needed to get to know each other, but despite that – CBS Sport still had a decent season with 3 victories (8-1 against Sønderbro Fight being the most notable), ending in the middle of the table, ranked as 5 out of 10 teams.

CBS Sport Football Men (7) 1, in Serie 1

The 7-a-side team led by Alexander Luckow, had a dramatic end of their fall season 2012, as they were sentenced not to be promoted despite winning their pool, due to a mistake by the CBS Sport administration. Fortunally DBU ended up changing their mind and CBS Sport was promoted to Serie 1, where they were eager to show their worth – which they very much did!

With only 2 defeats and 1 tie, they ended up on a third place out of 10 – and only 4 points from no. 1. Fair to say, that the 1st team of 7-a-side looks like a shooting star! The fall season can only become interesting!

CBS Sport Football Men (7) 2, in Serie 3, P158

The 7-a-side team changed team leaders and a lot of players at the turn of the year, resulting in a more or less new team led by Adam Massigeh and Laurits Læssø Larsen.

Despite being new, the team has had a great season, with only one defeat and 3 ties. To stay in touch with the intensity that this season has brought CBS Sport, promotion was up to the final match between Sønderbro Fight and Føroyar, since a victory to Sønderbro with a goal difference higher than 3, would “steal” the promotion spot away from CBS Sport. Fortunately the match ended no more than 3-1 to Sønderbro, meaning that CBS Sport could keep their second place, meaning promotion to Serie 2!

CBS Sport Football Men (7) 3, in Serie 3, P161

The 3rd team of 7-a-side was a brand new enrolled team of CBS Sport led by Sebastian Arie Smith and Ajdan Adem. It showed that everyone was new and had to learn each others play and so on, proving a tough season unfortunately without any victories.

CBS Sport Football Women, in Serie 2, PA1

After restructuring the women’s series, KBU decided that only 3 teams from the fall season 2012 could stay in Serie 1, meaning that CBS Sport with a rank of 4 was relegated to Serie 2 despite achieving the best result in CBS Sport’s history.

Eager to get back to Serie 1, the women’s team started of with a 2-1 victory against ØKF, proving that creating chances was easy, but executing difficult. In the second match CBS Sport was very close to getting the first clean sheet, but a ruled penalty in the very last minutes gave KFUM a tie.

The matches hereafter proved that the women’s team has a very strong defense, as no more goals were scored against CBS Sport – furthermore CBS Sport got the hang of scoring meaning a final goal difference of 17-2.

CBS Sport had a chance of winning the pool with a victory against KFB in the last match, but unfortunately it ended in a tie, giving KFB the first place due to better goal difference. But being number two secures promotion, so CBS Sport Football Women is ready to be back in Serie 1.
Ironically enough, 7 out of 9 teams in Serie 1 are being promoted to Københavnerserien, so it looks like KBU did not think their restructuring quite through. But no worries, CBS Sport will just fight their way back to the top of the table.

CBS Sport Football Women (7), in Serie 2, P164

After a year of absence, the women’s 7-a-side team was back! Due to the growth in members, the squad of CBS Sport Football Women was too big to give everyone a fair chance of getting match practice. Therefore it was decided to enroll a 7-a-side team, where everyone not picked for the 11-a-side team, was secured a spot in the next 7-a-side team.

The team has been working very well and proven it’s worth, as a lot of new players got their debute on the team and proved their worth to coach Jeppe who later on used some of them on the 11-a-side team.

Furthermore more or less everyone has had a chance to play some 7-a-side, which the topscorer list proves; 16 goal scorers for 40 goals!

Before playing their final match, the CBS Sport team ALSO got their promotion ending as number two in their pool.

Five teams promoted!

This means that five out of eight teams got promoted this season, which means the best season of CBS Sport’s history! But CBS Sport’s history also proves that the football teams likes to be promoted together, as an old article from 2009 tells how both the 2nd team and the women’s team was promoted after a great spring season in 2009.

The promoted teams are:

CBS Sport Football Men 1 – promoted to Serie 3
CBS Sport Football Men 2 – promoted to Serie 4
CBS Sport Football Men (7) 2 – promoted to Serie 1
CBS Sport Football Women – promoted to Serie 1
CBS Sport Football Women (7) – promoted to Serie 1
Finally a big thank goes out to players, friends and family who have been so good at supporting this season! It has been a joy and CBS Sport probably broke their attendance record with 80 spectators in the beforementioned match between CBS Sport Football Men 1 and 1way FF.

Congratulations to all the promoted teams and thank you all – players and supporters – for a great season!