A new Board and a new Executive Management!

The Annual General Meeting had a great turn out and about 35 people were ready to hear what the Chairman had to say, ask questions to the financial report and the budget, ask more questions to the suggested statutory changes and last but certainly not least vote for the members running for the board!

The Chairman’s Report, the Financial Report and the budget

The agenda took off with Chairman Stine highlightning some of the stuff in the Chairman’s Report (read it here) and afterward Treasurer Jonas went over the draft for the Financial Report (the final Financial Report will be put up for download within soon) and the budget. As the Financial Report was not yet done by the accountant, the final approval will be done at an Extraordinary Meeting which will be called for within soon.

Statutory changes

The board had proposed statutory changes, meaning changes in the ways the club is structured. The Board suggested adding an Executive Management, who would be responsible for the daily management of CBS Sport so the board can focus on the strategy and development of the club. The changes would decrease the number of board members from 8 to 6. The board decides the number of members of the Executive Management, thus it will be the Board electing the Executive Management and not the general assembly. The proposal was discussed and there were many questions regarding the changes (the entire discussion can be read in the full summary), but when it was time for the vote the majority votes for the changes.

So the first thing for the Board to do after the AGM was to elect the members of the Executive Management, and the job postings was sent out shortly after with deadline April 30th. The Board is now in the process of interviewing and we are looking forward to announcing the new members of the Executive Management – so stay tuned!

Election of the Board

Because of the establishment of the executive management the election wasn’t competitive.

The new board

Stine Corlin Christensen (Chairman)
Susanne Thøgersen (Vice Chairman)
Jonas Valentiner (Treasurer)

Mattias Raptis-Brødsgaard
Asger Bryderup
Britt Lorenzen


See a short introduction of the board members below, which also shows that the board has a great diversity in both age, sports and study.

Sports responsibles

Another bullet on the agenda was to approve the different sport departments election of sports responsibles. A bunch of new responsibles had been elected throughout the club and can be seen here:

Badminton: Martin Hjorth & Morten Bach
Basketball: Hatice Koc
Floorball: Frederik Westerberg
Football: Joachim Satchwell, Youssef Mohammed & Alexander Rosenberg
Handball: Marie Schmidt & Henriette Jensen
Rugby: Caspar Thorup
Skaterhockey: Michael Bennedsen & Christian Tarp
Tennis: Camilla Henriksen & Kent Håkan
Volleyball: Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen

A big thanks to the retirering board and sports responsible

Lastly Chairman Stine thanked the retirering board and sports responsible with some wine and hugs.

Afterwards a bunch of the participants went to the Club Room for snacks and refreshments.

The new Board

Stine Corlin Christensen
Position: Chairman
Age: 28
Sport: Handball
Study: Done

Susanne Thøgersen
Position: Vice Chairman
Age: 24
Sport: Badminton
Study: Cand.merc. EMF

Jonas Valentiner
Position: Tresaurer
Age: 29
Sport: Football
Study: Done

Mattias Raptis-Brødsgaard
Position: Board Member
Age: 23
Sport: Volleyball
Study: Cand.merc.SOL

Asger Bryderup
Position: Board Member
Age: 35
Sport: Volleyball (HM)
Study: Done

Britt Lorenzen
Position: Board Member
Age: 24
Sport: Handball
Study: Done