A successful CBS Sport Campus Relay!

Be a part of the annual relay run

On April 28th this year’s Campus Relay was on. The sun was shining and the 1.2 km route round campus was covered in blue CBS Sport balloons. Over 200 runners were ready to compete to be the fastest to cover the 4×2.4km.

At 15.45 two CBS Sport volunteers did the warm-up together with the Panther and all of the runners. Following a short welcome and some practical information, Dean Alan Irwin shot the Relay off at 16.00.

The first runner to complete the first round was from team Fullperformance in a time of only 03:25, which also was the fastest lap time. This set the stage for the team, who ended up winning the Relay, as they did last year. The team completed the 9.6km in 29:39 – impressing!

The second team to cross the finish line was Finance One, who also won the Employee category in the time 31:03.

The third team to complete the Relay and number 2 in the Students category was #probusiness, and number 2 in the Employee category and number 15 in total was CBS IT.

Congratulations to the four teams, who received prizes from Academic Books, Frozberry, Power Racing and FCK. And also congratulation to the lucky runners who received sprint prizes from Frozberry, Spisestuerne and Nexus during the Relay.

In addition to the prizes, all runners got a cool CBS Sport running shirt, a sandwich and a bottle of water. And of course a bag of cinnamonn buns, sponsored by Pågen – some got even more two, three or four bags!

CBS Sport would like to thank all the runners and volunteers for a great day and we hope to see you all again next year.

Find the final results from the Relay here.
Best regards,

Stine Corlin Christensen