And the winner is…

The Fantasy Football Game is done for this season!

And the winner is….

With a margin of just 115 points, Joachim Satchwell jumped into first place, and is the winner of the game!

Theis Jørgensen jumped one position as well and ended 2nd, and Thomas Staalager two positions to end in 3rd place.

As previous, the prize was tickets for the legendary CBS Sport Summer Party!
The full table

# Name Value
1 Joachim Satchwell 66.248
2 Theis Jørgensen 66.133
3 Thomas Staalager 65.790
4 Jeppe Svendsen 65.529
5 Lars Rye Petersen 63.697
6 Nick Jerltorp 63.150
7 Casper Koll 62.912
8 Andreas Hejsel 62.837
9 Cecilie Rasmussen 62.205
10 Frederik Leen 61.795
11 Stefan Stefansson 61.693
12 Birita Christiansen 61.579
13 Nicolai Vittrup 61.178
14 Jens-Henrik Rosasco Holm Hansen 60.850
15 Marco Singh 56.831
16 Martin Eskilsson 55.241

Game stats

Most points: Mathias Jørgensen (3459 points)
Biggest increase in value: Joachim Satchwell (58,17%)
MVP: Joachim Satchwell
Team stats
Serie 3

Topscorer: Mathias Jørgensen (22 goals)
Most assists: Frederik Leen (11 assists)
Most yellow cards: Peter Binne Larsen (2)
Most red cards: Frederik Leen (1)
Most MoM: Joachim Satchwell (4)
Serie 4

Topscorer: Lars Rye Petersen (9 goals)
Most assists: Lars Rye Petersen (5 assist)
Most yellow cards: Uffe Kalhøj, Lasse Jessen, Frederik Rasmussen (1)
Most red cards: N/A
Most MoM: Teis Waldorff, Joakim W. Severinsen, Wasi von Heydebrand (2)
Serie 5

Topscorer: Aska Mertens (7 goals)
Most assists: Nicolai Schultz Kirkegaard, Christopher Klüter (6 assists)
Most yellow cards: Mats Wiik (4)
Most red cards: N/A
Most MoM: Aska Mertens, Mats Wiik (2)

Topscorer: Kiri Christensen (5 goals)
Most assists: Ingrid Ringen (2 assists)
Most yellow cards: Cecilie Rasmussen (1)
Most red cards: N/A
Most WoM: Cecilie Rasmussen, Ingrid Ringen, Monica Kristoffersen, Anne-Mette Stubager, Kiri Christensen, Andrea Stephens (1)*

*Mia Skræddergaard was also voted WoM, but since she started in CBS Sport half way through season she wasn’t an eligible player in the Fantasy Football Game