Another loss to Speed II

A restless CBS rugby team arrived on the pitch on Holmen, in Copenhaguen, on a rainy afternoon, ready for their first match since mid June. The opponent team was none other than the leading team of the division, Speed II. Despite the depressing weather, many spectators had come to cheer the two teams as they got ready for the kick off. CBS rugby welcomed new players, Peter Rushworth and Theo Miller just to name a few as well as old ones, such as Kristof Krupp, Emil Fuglsang and Finn Hansen.

CBS rugby completely dominated the game during the first 20 minutes. They quickly scored their first try after mere 11 minutes which subsequently led to a successful conversion, both scored by CBS rugby’s new fly-half, Florian “kick” Kück. The fearless and unstoppable determination from the CBS rugby forward line led to many opportunities for tries but Speed’s defensive line held their ground. A couple of well timed side steps from Speed’s fly half meant that the team tied the lead. CBS rugby’s long summer break meant that the team’s physical shape was poor which made it very difficult to defend against Speed’s attacks. Speed managed to score another two tries but only managed to convert one try before half time.

Not feeling beaten down from the lead taken by Speed, CBS rugby entered second half with high hopes to make a comeback. Unfortunately fate hit the CBS rugby team when a disputed try was given to the opposing team. Despite CBS rugby’s bad shape and adversity, the team’s willpower and determination to win shined through. A quick and collective play by the CBS rugby team gave Finn Hansen the opportunity to pierce through the defensive line of Speed and score a well deserved try to celebrate his comeback on the team. The appointed conversion was given, though the strong winds made it impossible for Florian “kick” Kück to seal it. CBS rugby made their last substitute 15 minutes before the final whistle to give rookie Simen Knutzen the time to play. The rookie made an impressive start for his first game and looks like a promising addition to the team.

The game ended in a loss for CBS rugby by a score of 12-24.

– Nicolas