Be a Partnership Manager at CBS Sport

CBS Sport is looking for a highly motivated volunteer to join its management team as the new partnership manager. You will be responsible for all relations and existing partners of CBS Sport, helping them develop their involvement with the club and assist them in order to ensure their satisfaction and retention. You will also be responsible for pursuing new partnership agreements, both personally, by pursuing and executing new partnerships on behalf of CBS Sport, and by assisting the Sports Responsibles of our eight sports to find and engage smaller partnerships that benefit their individual sport.

This role is an integral part of the organization and the management team, providing both the funding to pursue our sporting and social ambitions, as well as providing CBS Sport with access to knowledgeable partners with ‘real-life’ experience in areas as diverse as event coordination and execution, digital marketing, and branding. You will work closely with the General Manager of the club, as well as with the Board of Directors and the individual Sports Responsibles, thereby giving you an environment to test your leadership and project management skills and to learn from other highly motivated leaders in the club, who both are students and alumni.

Your responsibilities/principal tasks will include:

 Responsible for ensuring the execution of all CBS Sport’s obligations towards our existing partners

 Ensure all CBS Sport partners are informed of the development of the club, as well as any initiatives we are undertaking that could potentially be of interest to them

 Business development for the partners of CBS Sport, thereby improving and fine-tuning their offerings towards the members of CBS Sport and the student community at CBS

 Draft and negotiate legal contracts with new and existing partners, and ensuring these comply with the other existing contracts, the regulations set out by CBS as an institution and the values of the club

 Pursue additional partner agreements, both individually and through the Sports Responsibles of CBS Sport’s eight sports

Your profile:

 Execution-oriented, entrepreneurial attitude able to both draw up the plan and get it implemented

 Strong commercial understanding with a flair for business development

 Strong interpersonal skills  Excellent written and verbal communication, preferably in both English and a Nordic language

 Willing to put in around 10 hours/week

 Application is open to any CBS student

Being a volunteer at CBS Sport

Being a volunteer in the management team in CBS Sport gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you learn in the classroom in a real-life situation with all the authority and responsibility this entails. You will be at the helm of CBS’ largest student organization, comprising +500 active members and +80 passionate volunteers. You will also gain leadership and project management experience as these members and volunteers look to you and the management team to set the direction of the club and fulfill their expectations. Furthermore, in addition to building your CV and personal skillset, you will become part of a large social network of driven, enthusiastic and ambitious volunteers with team-building activities, parties, and events.


If you are interested in the position, please send a short motivation letter and a CV at with the subject “Application Partnership Manager” no later than 26/02.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.