Become part of the Executive Management of CBS Sport

At the Annual General Meeting on April 14th there were made some amendments to the constitution which means establishment of an volunteer executive management, who will be responsible for the daily management of the club. The executive management will consist of five people: General Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Event Manager, Sport Manager and Marketing and Communication Manager.

As part of the executive management, you will have your own area of responsibilities and in collaboration with the other volunteers you can recruit project leaders and volunteers to help within your area of responsibilities. As part of the executive management, you will be working towards the goals set by the Board and you will be a part of implementing the strategy developed by the board.

As a volunteer manager in CBS Sport you will gain valuable experiences like:

  • Leadership experience
  • Experience in the field of Project Management
  • Experience in the field of Volunteer Management
  • Sponsor and stakeholder management
  • Teamwork and social skills

The executive management will have meetings once a month to discuss the daily management of the club and the projects you are working on and you will both have the other members of the executive management, as well as the board as sparring partners.

As part of the executive management you will be the link between the board and the members and you will thereby get experience with leadership management, project management and volunteer management. You will also become a part of a great group of volunteers who work to develop CBS Sport and make it an even better club, so you will meet new people both inside and outside of the club and thereby expand your network.

Below you can read about the responsibilities for the different managers:

General Manager

As General Manager you will be the head of the executive management. You will be the overall responsible for the different tasks handed by the Board as well as ad hoc tasks. You will coordinate the work in the Executive Management and secure communication through the organization, from the board to the executive management and the volunteers and members. You will also be responsible for the communication with CBS and the other student organizations.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Daily contact with administrative assistant
  • Cooperation with CBS Students and other student organizations at CBS
  • CBS Sport volunteers
  • Overall responsible for the daily management and thereby also various ad hoc tasks
  • Responsible for organizing Executive Management meetings
  • Have overview of all club activities
  • Communication between the Board and the Executive Management

Sponsorship Manager

As Sponsorship Manager you will be responsible for CBS Sport’s sponsors, both the current sponsors as well as making new sponsorship agreements.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Contact with current sponsors
  • Events which are part of the sponsorship agreements
  • Finding new sponsors
  • Recruiting members for a Sponsorship Committee
  • Sparring partner for sports and events when they wish to find sponsors

Event Manager

As Event Manager you will be responsible for all CBS Sport’s external events (like Dodgeball and Street Football) and be a sparring partner for the event coordinators about budgeting, marketing, planning of the event, finding volunteers etc. You will also be in charge of the communication with CBS about the events held at campus.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • External events
  • Recruiting event coordinators
  • Coordination with CBS about facilities and advertising
  • Meetings for new events with promoters

Sport Manager

As Sport Manager you will be responsible for the communication with the sport responsibles as well as helping them when needed, for example with finding new volunteers, getting member or set goals.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • The Sports Committee
  • Daily contact with the sport responsible
  • Follow-up on player fees
  • CBS Sport Day
  • Contact with Frederiksberg Idræts Union
  • Starting up new sports
  • Sports pool

Marketing and Communication Manager

As Marketing and Communication Manager you will be responsible for the marketing of the club as well as internal and external communication. The communication through the website and social media will be in close corporation with the webmaster.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Marketing of the club
  • Preparation of and sending newsletters
  • Updating the website
  • Planning intro presentations
  • Updating social media and other external media
  • Planning the club’s participation in the Student Society Day

If you are interested in becoming part of the executive management then send a short motivation to no later than April 30th.

If you have any questions or want to know more then send a mail to or call chairman Stine Corlin Christensen on 29727394.

Kind regards
The board of CBS Sport

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