BK. Fix vs. CBS Sport Football Women – 2-2

BK. Fix vs. CBS Sport

Sunday May 9th 2010

Result: 2-2 (1-0)


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Maiken, Signe P, Katrine, Majbritt
Midfield: Darija, Birgitte, Line, AC
Striker: CC, Lone
Subs: Birita, Nanna

Goals: Darija (assist by Line), AC (assist by Line)

Woman of the Match: Birgitte

The match ended 2-2.. A penalty kick in the first half due to a hand in the penalty area sat us back 1-0.. In second half they got another goal, but after getting Bk. Fix veeeery tired, things started to work, and we got two goals in a row..

Nanna is gonna bring a proper summary soon, so this is just an appetizer!